8 things to do now in social media – part 3

Stuck for ideas to reboot your social strategy? Here are two more things you can do right now, in the third part of my series:

5) Ideas win
There’s no point posting something if you wouldn’t share it. A post needs words but words alone don’t make a post. Everything you share should be an idea and make you want to talk about it. Sounds obvious but this is the most overlooked action point we see.

6) Go live, come alive
Algorithms are promoting brands that embrace live services like Facebook live. But live-streaming is the easy part – the hard bit is the change in mindset. You’ll need a production plan and workflow that allows for real-time content creation, approvals and community management.

In the next post: How to maximise reach and do less work!

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8 things to do now in social media – part 2

Whether you’re planning for 2018 or still grappling with your social media marketing for the rest of Q4, there are a few simple things you can do right now to maximise your brand’s social engagement.

Here are my next set of tips in the second part of my series:

2) You’re simply the best
Whether you sell flowerpots or Ferraris, people need to know you’re the best in your business – and you need to get yourself referred to online as “the best”. Why? Because mobile searches for “best” have risen 80% in the past two years, according to Google. Encourage and incentivise a (genuine) social reviews programme so that happy customers shout your praises from the rooftops.

3) See life through a lens
Your stories are more amazing if you tell them with pictures (and video). The most shared social content tends to have a distinctive visual style and embraces native internet formats. That means using Instagram-style imagery or formats including GIFs. Photos should be social by design, not taken from brochure stock. Images can apparently drive 10x higher message retention than pure text posts.

4) Creators are creatives
Your influencer marketing will work harder if you let the influencers come up with the ideas. We know it can be hard but trust these people, they know their audience inside out and are experts at creating for the platforms they inhabit. Be co-creators with your influencers and let them do what they’re good at.

In the next post: Are you putting enough value on ideas and is now the time to go live?

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8 things to do now to maximise your brand’s social engagement

With many brands and organisations starting to plan in earnest for 2018, it’s a good time to take stock of your social strategy.

The pace of change is fast and social networks have evolved considerably, introducing new features even since the summer. Are you fully up to date and confident you’re taking advantage of the latest innovations?

I’m having lots of conversations at the moment with businesses about this topic so I thought I’d share 8 top tips, in a series of posts, to transform your brand’s social engagement.

1) Listen up

We have ears! YouTube says brands enjoy a 43% lift in awareness and consideration when viewers are watching videos with the sound up. Give people a reason to turn up the volume. Mentioning your brand by name in the soundtrack will also have more impact than in the post wording or description alone.

In the next post: Are you realising your search potential? And how can social help you drive higher message retention?

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4 Reasons Why You Can No Longer Ignore Influencer Marketing

Our new research featured in The Drum shows how online influencer content now accounts for almost a fifth of consumer media consumption.

Our Good Relations survey of over 1000 people found more than half (57%) have made a purchase based solely on influencer recommendations. This rises to 69% for Millennials.

Only friends and family recommendations are more important on purchase decisions.

Our research demonstrates that having a strategic influencer marketing programme has become a necessity for all brands, whoever they are targeting. It’s a channel that demands the attention and budget to reflect the way consumers use and rely on influencers when making purchasing decisions. Despite the report’s findings, we are still seeing a great disparity in the way CMOs are approaching budget allocation; on-balance favouring traditional platforms, even when the evidence points to a need to amplify influencer spend.

So what’s your influencer marketing strategy?

The Power of Content and Video in PR

From comments I made to Gorkana

We made a call several years ago to develop a best in class content offering (including video production) because we could see the world of communications and marketing was moving in that direction. We knew we had to be great at content as well as the media relations work, and that the two had to be fully integrated.

Producing great content is the coming together of multiple skillsets – strategy and creativity, production and distribution. Typically PRs have been generalists, rather than specialists, but I think that’s changing as the industry evolves.

The real power of video is when it’s irresistibly shareable, and that’s all about creating authentic engagement. PRs have always developed earned relationships, so we know how to produce relevant and topical video for organic take-up. We can’t rely on paid media space for reach – we produce content that has to stand on its own legs and is carried by the power of our influencer relationships.

At Good Relations, we’ve already built a specialist content marketing practice with full service expertise. Our strategy team has developed a proprietary planning methodology to reveal the insights that underpin our creative ideas. We’ve then built our own in-house creative studio, which does everything from shoots to animation. We also launched our specialist broadcast media consultancy this year, Good Broadcast, which specialises in editorial broadcast programming.