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Carrying the Cannes


Fascinating first trip to Cannes festival of creativity last week. Lots to enjoy and feed the mind but undoubtedly this was the slide of the show for me. Bringing more personality and entertainment to social is something brands really need to get to grips with. Doing it consistently, in real-time, in the earned/shared space, is a real challenge.

The worst architect in the world

Love the irony of the latest stuff from Old Spice — storyline as well as the lovely 80s style jingles

Jaguar presents Desire

Serious branded content investment from Jaguar around the F-type with video from Ridley Scott Associates starring Damian Lewis and with music from Lana del Rey…


The old ones are the best

Let’s face it, deodorant probably doesn’t immediately strike you as the sexiest product to promote.

But this video from Nivea (the Nivea Deo Stresstest) proves the old adage of ‘surprise and delight’ still rings true. They’ve given an old fashioned hidden camera prank  a few rather modern twists – all to highlight product capabilities.

Like it, or does the stunt just leave you feeling rather sweaty?

Content Calendar

Liked this — Uniqlo Calendar

Fail to prepare, prepare to #epicfail

You can’t always control events, but you can control how you plan, contain and respond to them. As social media becomes the new front line in crisis management, and as issues escalate faster than ever before, research I’ve carried out at Good Relations has revealed just how unprepared many companies are.

Our survey, conducted by Watermelon Research, covered 100 UK-based communications, marketing and social media professionals at organisations from SMEs to major multinationals. While more than two thirds of those polled recognised there was a gap in their social media planning, many admitted they had not done anything about it yet.

The top findings were:

• 69% were worried their social media activities could go wrong
• 41% said their existing crisis plans had no significant social media element
• 30% admitted they were not sure how they would use social media in a crisis situation

Good Relations has developed a social media crisis simulation tool that allows brands to prepare for issues and test their plans in a realistic roleplay scenario. For more information contact me (Robert Anderson, Digital, Social Media and Innovation Director, Good Relations) at randerson [at] goodrelations.co.uk

Got the builders in

Forgive the mess at the moment, dontgomad.com is in the middle of changing web host. Transferring over seems to have been rather more complicated than expected but should be finished in next few days. Rather like having the builders in — always seems to take longer, and cost more, than anyone ever expected!

The Social Brand — Social Media Week 2012 At Good Relations

We were thrilled our event at Good Relations was chosen as one of the global highlights of this year’s Social Media Week programme. Our session, a panel discussion around “The Social Brand”, explored some of the challenges and opportunities for brands becoming more social in their marketing communications.

You can watch a recording of the livestream below. Emma Boya from Airbus and Lesley Saville from O2 venue owner AEG were our panelists. The session was introduced by Kevin Murray, Chairman, Good Relations Group. It was moderated by writer and media consultant Raymond Snoddy.

Are social tactics meaningful sales drivers? Thoughts on recent Forrester Research report

Was fascinated to read a summary of Forrester’s recent research into social media and online retail transactions. It found 39% of online retail transactions by new customers started with clicks from paid or organic search results and fewer than 1% come from social channels. Apparently 48% of consumers reported that social media posts are a great way to discover new products, brands, trends, or retailers, but fewer than 1% of transactions could be traced back to trackable social links.

It’s important to think about all social media activities from a business perspective; without a clear objective there is usually no point investing time and energy. But social media is, by its nature, social — so trying to use social purely as a transaction driver risks being antisocial.

A few thoughts on this:

  • Social media activities should, where possible, be better integrated with tracking to help trace transaction origins and customer purchase journeys
  • Not all social media activities are designed to drive transactions — e.g. brand advocacy, awareness raising, community building, crisis response, customer service, reviews drivers etc
  • If we accept that purchase journeys are less linear these days then maybe we need to provide more transaction options e.g. F-commerce, so consumers can buy within shared rather than owned environments

Clearly search and email marketing are incredibly important sales drivers but I don’t think it’s right to apply the same expectations to social media just yet.

The report serves as a good reminder also of why it’s so important to deliver outcomes rather than just noise through social — we need to stay focused on delivering business results, whatever those might be.

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