Brides: Don’t Go Mad!

Every so often there’s an eye catching web advert and I stumbled across one this morning. It was an MPU for the film Bride Wars which I’m afraid I won’t be going to see– but I did appreciate the ad.

Managed to snapshot a few frames of it which catch the gist:

It was a nice example of how video can be used to tell a story quickly and concisely. A film is, after all, a series of moving images, so why not use video to promote it?

Use costume (ie bridal wear) to make it obvious who the participants are. Involve stars of the film. Presumably the film is about fighting and making up– so they do this in 2 seconds. Call to action is the release date. Entire ad ran about 5 seconds. Job done.

Not rocket science, you’re thinking. I couldn’t agree more. Desperately simple. So why aren’t we using video more? It’s dynamic and often so much more visually interesting and effective than static text/graphics. Maybe it is ok sometimes to go a bit mad.

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