The Digital Budget Part 2: Searching for a Story

Interesting to type “Alistair Darling” into Google today to see what happens. It’s a preview of what the digital election battleground may well look like.

From a search marketing perspective (marked “sponsored links”)

  • Channel 4 are promoting a TV show
  • The government is explaining the budget through the Direct Gov site
  • The Tories are pushing their view

On the natural search side (the rest)

  • Link to Wikipedia which features ahead of even the Treasury’s own website
  • Wealth of content from newspaper and TV websites
  • Real-time streams from Twitter
  • Videos from YouTube
  • Pictures pulled in from far and wide
  • Evidence at the bottom of page that people are also searching for Alistair Darling’s eyebrows(!)

Comms takeout? Search is incredibly important for discovery of a story. Need to tell a consistent story in an appropriate way across multiple platforms. This extends to traditional media as well as digital. The door knocking, shopping centre appearances, rallies and TV debates are coming in a virtual form to an internet page near you. All parties are finding ways to make their stories work harder and search will be a critical part of this moving through the election period.

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