8 things to do now in social media – part 4 (final part)

Image: “Dark Cloud” by Naletu used under CC

Whether you’re figuring out what 2018 looks like or you’re still focused on social strategy for the rest of 2017, here’s the final instalment of my 8 tips for things you can do right now to improve your social media:

7) Put your money where your mouth is

There really is no such thing as a free lunch. Organic reach is almost zero on social without paid support. You need to be promoting your content through social ads or next to no-one will see it. Make your spend work harder with precision targeting based on your audience demographic and behavioural intent. Start small and then invest behind content that flies, in real time.

8) Put less in, get more back

Stop being on every channel and replicating content across them. Find out where your primary audience is and then focus your efforts. For example, there’s always overlap but Facebook increasingly skews older (Gen X) and Instagram younger (Millennial). Then customise your content accordingly. Post quality content 2-3 times a week to avoid diluting your channels and penalising yourself. you’ll improve results by doing less, better.

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  1. 12:48, 25/10/2017Henry Elliss  / Reply

    You say “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”, but if you hang around outside the right meeting rooms at the right time, I beg to disagree…

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