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Put the day on hold

Video of the week!

Public service announcement — just in case there’s a robot uprising

Hopefully we won’t face the Robopocalypse over the weekend. But you can never be too careful, so here’s a handy public service video:

Ceefax memories– YouTube closes down from the night

While we reminisce about the Ceefax shutdown, here’s a genius take on the topic. What would happen if YouTube closed down overnight like TV in days gone by?

A bit of Bob Fleming and friends

Since I can’t seem to shake my cough, thought I’d pay tribute to some Folkin Classics courtesy of Bob Fleming and friends.

Let’s do the timewarp

Came across this wonderful ‘tool’ that the Open University have created in honour of Darwin’s 200th birthday. (Happy birthday, Charlie!). ‘Devolve Me’ allows you to upload your picture and see how you would have looked as an early human. My devolution below, from Don’t Go Mad Bond Baddie to, er, Australopithecus afarensis. Seconds of fun for a Friday.

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