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Getting creative

At something like £2m for a 30 second TV spot, SuperBowl ads pull out all the stops. Here are the three I was most impressed by:

(With this one, it’s the way they cleverly make suggestions about Mercedes, BMW and Lexus)

(This is simply brilliant in its no-nonsense approach — watch for the safety briefing)

(You’ve just got to love the drama of this one, particularly the voice over)

PM forgets to turn his mobile off

This video on the BBC website brought me a Friday smile — even the Prime Minister forgets to turn his phone off.


Worth watching to the end…

Now cats are going mad

Someone needs to tell this fella that cats are supp0sed to chase rats, not the other way round…

Gunther — the world’s richest (digital) pet

I’m a bit late seeing this gem from The Times but couldn’t resist. Gunther the dog appears to preside over a fortune of £90m although doesn’t seem to have splashed out much of this on the design of his website. There’s some suggestion this may be a hoax, but it’s all good fun whatever.

Gunther the dog from The Times

Also of note is Tinker the cat at £450,000 and the late Queen Mum’s sheep.

Stealing the show

We often talk about how to grab an audience’s attention. The drummer in this clip certainly manages that– you might say for all the wrong reasons.