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Don’t Go Mad on Posterous

“Preposterously simple” is one of the themes in my 10 for 2010 lookahead. I’m putting my money where my mouth is by experimenting with a Posterous version of this blog– you can find it at http://posterous.dontgomad.com if you fancy a look.

Preposterously Easy Blogging

Blogging has certainly become easier in the last year or so — not necessarily the content creation part, *that* involves engaging brain which no amount of technology can replace, it’s more the physical act of posting the content. Having said that, it’s become “easier” rather than easy full stop. That means there’s still a barrier to entry and so blogging has retained some level of technical knowledge. Until now.

New service Posterous removes any remaining geekery by making it as easy to write a blog post as it is to email your friends – one of the ways digital communication is now achieving genuine mainstream adoption by becoming desperately simple. And once digital communication becomes seamlessly integrated (or INLINE, as we call it), then that’s when things get really exciting.

Time now to put my money where my mouth is. I’m going to give Posterous a roadtest by creating one at http://posterous.dontgomad.com I’ve set it to autopost content across my main blog www.dontgomad.com and my Twitter account www.twitter.com/dontgomad to form the basis of a simple lifestream.

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How to engage a blogger — mummy knows best

I re-read this blog post today written by one of the leading mum bloggers — a reminder that the best way to engage people online is to start by listening to them and meeting their needs, rather than pushing your own agenda.

Key points are:

  • Be useful
  • Get to know the blogger before getting involved
  • Be creative
  • Include the blogger in the planning
  • Provide product samples if you are inviting them to review something

This all sounds straightforward but it’s a reminder that bloggers aren’t traditional journalists. It’s essential to recognise that a different approach is needed and hearing it directly from a blogger is the best way to bring it home.

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

It has been pointed out to me that I haven’t blogged recently. And it’s true. Partly it’s because the joys of fatherhood mean time is even tighter than it used to be and sleep deprivation doesn’t help either. But mostly it’s because:

  • I’m spending time catching up on listening. This means freshening up my incoming RSS feeds and generally creating an opportunity to keep across more of what’s out there.
  • I’m Commenting. Sometimes I use this blog to comment on someone else’s blog/story. At the moment I’m concentrating on placing direct comments on blogs and the like.
  • I’m using Twitter a lot more. I tweet unformed thoughts, links, comments, status updates, random mumblings about tea — all the kind of things that potentially would form blog posts. Twitter is increasingly upstream of the blog, it’s where the action is.

A blog post– or one big retweet?

The Backtype blog announces today the launch of their new Twitter retweet tool. Dead easy to install into a blog like WordPress (took me all of 5 seconds) and there’s code for various other platforms, too.

What makes this better than Tweetmeme (for the moment) is that it’s easily customisable.

When it comes to spreading the word, Twitter is fast becoming the place to do it. So what better way to encourage readers to pass on the message and retell the story than by making it easy for them to retweet?

So does that make this a blog post– or one big retweet?