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4 Reasons Why You Can No Longer Ignore Influencer Marketing

Our new research featured in The Drum shows how online influencer content now accounts for almost a fifth of consumer media consumption.

Our Good Relations survey of over 1000 people found more than half (57%) have made a purchase based solely on influencer recommendations. This rises to 69% for Millennials.

Only friends and family recommendations are more important on purchase decisions.

Our research demonstrates that having a strategic influencer marketing programme has become a necessity for all brands, whoever they are targeting. It’s a channel that demands the attention and budget to reflect the way consumers use and rely on influencers when making purchasing decisions. Despite the report’s findings, we are still seeing a great disparity in the way CMOs are approaching budget allocation; on-balance favouring traditional platforms, even when the evidence points to a need to amplify influencer spend.

So what’s your influencer marketing strategy?

Twitter changes — for the better?

The changes to Twitter announced yesterday really help make the platform easier and more accessible for more people and more brands.

The flipside is it’s easier for brands to spam users, upload more “push” content or shamelessly retweet themselves. It’s called social media, not antisocial media, and the PR nightmare begins when brands broadcast the wrong type of content in the wrong way.

[From comments I made to Gorkana]

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