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Ceefax memories– YouTube closes down from the night

While we reminisce about the Ceefax shutdown, here’s a genius take on the topic. What would happen if YouTube closed down overnight like TV in days gone by?

Deadline Chasing

Liking this. Wonder if 3M have seen it?

Let’s do the timewarp

Came across this wonderful ‘tool’ that the Open University have created in honour of Darwin’s 200th birthday. (Happy birthday, Charlie!). ‘Devolve Me’ allows you to upload your picture and see how you would have looked as an early human. My devolution below, from Don’t Go Mad Bond Baddie to, er, Australopithecus afarensis. Seconds of fun for a Friday.

My Devloution

DGM.com does Open University

Elbow patches and giant sideys at the ready today here on Don’t Go Mad (a la 1970s Open University) with some adult education video. Isn’t it amazing what you can learn on the Internet? Who knows when this kind of knowledge might come in useful to you, probably never.

Chicken Head Tracking

Drinking Coffee in Space

User or loser: part 2394

More on the debate about whether user generated content is loser generated, and my thoughts about user created versus user uploaded. The following video comes from The Onion: