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The worst architect in the world

Love the irony of the latest stuff from Old Spice — storyline as well as the lovely 80s style jingles

The old ones are the best

Let’s face it, deodorant probably doesn’t immediately strike you as the sexiest product to promote.

But this video from Nivea (the Nivea Deo Stresstest) proves the old adage of ‘surprise and delight’ still rings true. They’ve given an old fashioned hidden camera prank  a few rather modern twists – all to highlight product capabilities.

Like it, or does the stunt just leave you feeling rather sweaty?

The Value of Celebrity

What do you need to be a celebrity? Add a couple of bodyguards, personal assistants, photographers and a pair of sunglasses — and it could be you…


Paper Scissors Rock Robot

The paper scissors rock robot that always wins…


Public service announcement — just in case there’s a robot uprising

Hopefully we won’t face the Robopocalypse over the weekend. But you can never be too careful, so here’s a handy public service video: