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The Power of Content and Video in PR

From comments I made to Gorkana

We made a call several years ago to develop a best in class content offering (including video production) because we could see the world of communications and marketing was moving in that direction. We knew we had to be great at content as well as the media relations work, and that the two had to be fully integrated.

Producing great content is the coming together of multiple skillsets – strategy and creativity, production and distribution. Typically PRs have been generalists, rather than specialists, but I think that’s changing as the industry evolves.

The real power of video is when it’s irresistibly shareable, and that’s all about creating authentic engagement. PRs have always developed earned relationships, so we know how to produce relevant and topical video for organic take-up. We can’t rely on paid media space for reach – we produce content that has to stand on its own legs and is carried by the power of our influencer relationships.

At Good Relations, we’ve already built a specialist content marketing practice with full service expertise. Our strategy team has developed a proprietary planning methodology to reveal the insights that underpin our creative ideas. We’ve then built our own in-house creative studio, which does everything from shoots to animation. We also launched our specialist broadcast media consultancy this year, Good Broadcast, which specialises in editorial broadcast programming.