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Sound familiar?

This video is becoming a fast riser out there in digiland this afternoon. Very clever– and made me think how increasingly we’re treating ads, particularly video ads, as content in their own right to be consumed and shared. Sure, ads have always been a talking point, etc etc, but one of the big lessons of the internet age has been that content alone is now not enough: it’s what we do with the content, where we distribute it, who we engage with it, that really makes the message fly. As well as making things easier, the internet has made things a lot more complicated.

Feeling festive?

So it’s now December but how early is too early to be talking about Christmas?

Well, it’s officially the festive season when both:

a) the Sky channel changing music goes all sleighbell


b) people start sending round Christmas videos.

I can report that event (b) has just happened and I’ve shared below so you can enjoy it as well:

I’m sure you’ll race home tonight to check the Sky music… Don’t go mad.

More disco grooves

Perfect video for mastering some moves in time for the weekend. Might need to bone up on the Finnish first, though.