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From Storytelling to Truthtelling

They say truth is the first casualty of war and similar accusations have been levelled at PR in an age of spin and spam. Selective presentation, murky off-the-record briefings and non-recollection are favourite spin doctor tactics. Meanwhile, the trouble with storytelling is that ‘stories’ can sound like they’ve been made up – fiction.

People have fallen on the sword of truth before but we‎ now know truth sells. Studies show authentic brands and businesses are enjoying greater levels of recommendation and ultimately sales. Even political party leaders have been holding their hands up to the truth in recent election debates.

We’re entering a new era of ‘truthtelling’‎, which is why the PR industry is its strongest ever position. We’ve always been experts in finding compelling and creative ways to make true stories contagious — truths that will earn their place in the cultural psyche. The truth is on our side.

Based on comments I made to PR Moment

Seeing is Believing

This impressive video doing the rounds shows how TV and film producers use computer technology to bring scenes to life. But it’s more than just putting a greenscreen in the backdrop and overlaying pictures of Times Square or a San Francisco tramline. There are various layers which all tell part of the story — costumes, smoke, props, sound effects all bring the scene to life.

When all the layers work together they can, as a whole, tell a much more effective story.

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