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Ceefax memories– YouTube closes down from the night

While we reminisce about the Ceefax shutdown, here’s a genius take on the topic. What would happen if YouTube closed down overnight like TV in days gone by?

Next generation flash mob

Regular readers will know I’m not generally a great fan of flashmobs. But this Intel Ultrabook Pop-up ‘Theater’ video ┬áis very clever…

‘Improvised’ Nokia ringtone during concert

Improvised — or Nokia stunt? Nice either way.


Out of Control

Every so often a video comes along that’s simply drawdropping. That’s exactly what happened this morning when I saw this incredible video featuring a forklift truck driver:

They Think It’s All Over…

Ever since the coronation, the default view of the world for normal people up and down the country has been television. Quite literally life through a lens.

I spent the best part of a decade making programmes to appear on that screen in the corner of the living room. Early mornings, late finishes, overnights, weekends, bank holidays, cancelled holidays, home, away — I’ll let you into a secret that it’s not terribly glamorous. So news that this weekend’s England game will only be shown on the internet really caught my attention.

I understand why people are rather upset:

*you can’t watch it in a pub

*the quality is not as good

*smaller screen means harder to watch with friends

*talk of limiting audience to 1m to stop it crashing

*cost for people who already subscribe to a pay-TV service

*it should be on TV and free because it’s England, after all

I agree with a lot of these points.

Thing is, this seems to be the first time TV has failed to deliver. There’s now a chink in TV’s armour; it no longer has the monopoly. Services like the iPlayer have gone a long way toward making TV-style content accessible away from the telly. Football (and indeed sport more generally) has fuelled the takeup of satellite TV and services like interactive and HD, as well as a plethora of web innovations — will it now force mainstream consumers to take the next step in embracing and adopting this new way to consume video?

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To

Couldn’t resist posting this classic. Highlights include the restaurant and the kid near the end.

Retro Commercial – Radio Shack Cell Phones – 1990The most amazing bloopers are here

New channels on YouTube

Do video? You need to know this…

Deadline Chasing

Liking this. Wonder if 3M have seen it?

Jump for justice

A picture tells a thousand words. Here’s what struck me as a good example– a judge in the States who literally leaps to the defence of a witness.

Sound familiar?

This video is becoming a fast riser out there in digiland this afternoon. Very clever– and made me think how increasingly we’re treating ads, particularly video ads, as content in their own right to be consumed and shared. Sure, ads have always been a talking point, etc etc, but one of the big lessons of the internet age has been that content alone is now not enough: it’s what we do with the content, where we distribute it, who we engage with it, that really makes the message fly. As well as making things easier, the internet has made things a lot more complicated.

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